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Inspired way to décor your space with mirror tiles in interior design.

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You can strategically place mirror tiles in a living room, dinning room, hallway to reflect light a dark room off the side of it. Decorative mirror tiles can do wonders when it comes to brightening up a space, you just have to know how to use them.
Inspired way to décor your space with mirror tiles in interior design.

How to use decorative mirror tiles in interior design and create a stylish, fresh and elegant look?

Generally, mirrors can change the appearance of any room in a dramatic way and add light, volume, and depth to it.

These original tiles can be easily blended with different decorative styles and combined with other finishing materials like wood, metal, ceramic tiles, leather, etc. This type of decor looks spectacular in living rooms, bathroom, dinningroom, lobby.


What is mirror tile and how are these made?

A mirror tile is a mirror cut pieces of a certain shape, the edges of the fragments of which are processed and polished facet with machine normally 1-1,5cm. Facet creates a game of glare, looks more attractive. The treatment gives the tile an aesthetic and attractive look. Modern mirror tiles can have very different shapes, not limited to standard rectangles. You create design with you imagination or by our examples  mosaic squares, rhombuses (diamond shape), triangles, crescents, etc.

Mirror tiles with smooth surface without any relief – once laid, the joints are practically invisible, which makes it possible to create a solid mirror surface in any shape. Faceted mirror tiles are characterized with a small bevel and are widely popular for the easy installation. In addition, faceted tile provides a possibility of creating a complex surface which reveals the full potential of the interior. These decorative mirror tiles look expensive and elegant and the light refracted on the edges creates a lot of glare which gives them a luxurious flair.

antiqued mirror glass panels accent wall ideas for living room

Mirror tiles with textured surface also vary and can have unusual relief, three-dimensional images or drawings which will enhance the style of your home and surely become a focal point.

Tips and tricks for setting space and installing mirror tiles.

Installation of decorative mirror tiles will depend on the material but in most cases a special glue is applied. DIY lovers can find options with self-adhesive layer.Tips and tricks for using decorative mirror tiles in interior design

Setup creative way to make the reflection more interesting.

When using decorative mirror tiles in interior design one should follow some rules so that the result looks stylish and harmonious. When used improperly, the overall look may appear tasteless and kitschy. It is better to focus the composition on one of the walls, a column or wall. The reflecting elements can occupy the entire area or individual sections. Mirror tile on the wall can help you visually expand the space and creating an optical illusion that the room is much bigger, which is especially important for small or too narrow rooms. In addition, you can correct the proportions of the room and make it taller and wider. Usually this effect is created by laying the tiles diagonally or using diamond shaped tiles.

bronze mirror wall in interior design creative ideas

When installed opposite a window the reflective surface will let in more light. In poorly lit rooms lamps in front of a mirror wall will double the amount of light.Do not install such tiles on opposite walls otherwise you will have an optical effect of “endless corridors”.When planning a mirror tile wall you should take account that the number of reflected objects should be minimal. If there are many items reflected, instead of visually expanding the space and making it look lighter, you will create a visual clutter.

To-do list before and after setup mirror tles

Before installing the tiles, lay the entire mirror tiles on a flat horizontal surface to how they will look. Keep in mind that like all tiles, these also have tolerances in the dimensions so you may need to move them and a place for each tile so that they fit tightly to each other.


Carefully consider where, how and in what quantity the reflecting surface will be located and do it with taste and measure. One of the most common mistakes when using mirror tiles is overdoing. It is best if you combine them with other materials like wood, ceramics, cork, metal, stone. For example, you can have a spectacular wall decoration on part of the wall with honeycomb tiles or decorate a part of the wall with a chessboard pattern.You should not place mirror tiles under direct sunlight. High temperature and heating will affect their appearance and with time the reflective surface may fade.Care and maintenance of mirror tile surfaces is simple. Wipe them with a cloth moistened with vinegar or glass cleaners periodically, about twice a month.In what room can you use decorative mirror tiles?decorative mirror tiles in interior design

Due to the high reflective ability this type of finish visually enlarges the space of the room, making it lighter.

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